Christmas Appeal for Doctors of the World

In the UK: Every day vulnerable, traumatised and scared people will call our helpline or visit our clinic to seek medical help. Every person will have a different, often heartbreaking, story to tell. You can make sure they get the care and support they need by generously giving today.

It costs around £65 every time someone visits one of our volunteer doctors or get helps from a caseworker (around half the cost of an NHS A&E visit).

Around the world: As part of the Medecins du Monde network, we run over 400 projects across the globe. Here are just some of the projects supporters have made happen in 2018:

  • Emergency medical support in Yemen and Gaza
  • Medical care in Ukraine
  • Providing mental healthcare to refugees in Calais
  • Strengthening health systems in west Africa
We'd like to invite you to help someone today. Please give generously - every penny counts. Thank you.

£65 could pay for a first antenatal consultation at our UK clinic

£135 buys a medical backpack for a mobile medic working across Europe

£240 can help 300 mums in Yemen test their children for malnutrition

£325 could pay for five vulnerable people to see a volunteer doctor at a UK clinic



1. My gift to help vulnerable people