You can help provide medical care and supplies to the people of Mozambique.

Doctors of the World have been working non-stop to help people affected by Cyclone Idai. Your gift will help continue our emergency response, provide scarce and precious medical supplies and send more volunteers and doctors to Mozambique. Please will you help? 

£30 could cover the cost of 29 cholera and malaria kits, two of the main risks after the cyclone.

£50 could help provide water-sanitation equipment, essential to avoid diseases by drinking water in bad conditions.

£250 could help to keep the temporary, emergency hospital running.

You can help save lives by donating to our Cyclone Idai appeal now.

All donations will allow our medical teams to respond flexibly to a rapidly changing situation and to respond to emerging priorities. If more funds are raised than needed, they will be directed to wherever the need is greatest.


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