Thank you for helping Abdul and others this Christmas

I’m proud to work alongside some amazing colleagues and volunteers and to be able to help children like Abdul. Although there are difficult moments, the job has been a joy. I’ve had more hugs since joining Doctors of the World than in the rest of my clinical career combined!

The clinic is an amazing place, but I really wish we weren’t needed. That’s not the case and Doctors of the World will continue to work to help everyone get the healthcare they need, regardless of their immigration status or story.

Sadly, we only receive a little bit of NHS funding, and that is from local teams. We even have to pay 150% of the list price for any medicines we prescribe – we cover this cost as we know our patients can’t afford this. These costs all add up

What your gift can pay for

For Abdul’s appointment with one of our volunteer GPs the costs stack up as follows:

Translation for one hour @90p per minute: £54

Travelcard for transport to and from the clinic: £10

Prescription for drugs: £11

And that doesn’t include any of the heating, lighting, rent and costs of creating a welcoming environment. It is amazing the power of a cup of tea and a smile can have on someone who is struggling to tell us their story.

As Christmas approaches, I want to wish you well for the holiday season and thank you for your compassion and generosity.

Yours, in solidarity with refugees, migrants and asylum seekers everywhere.

Claire van Nispen tot Pannerden
Doctors of the World clinic


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